Lose Weight Be Fit – One Year later

Lose Weight Be Fit – One Year later

There comes a point in life when everyone must look inward. To gaze deep into the heart of who you are as a person and decide if this is who you will continue to be, or will you make a change. That point came for me a year ago. For the last 10+ years the battle to lose weight and be fit has been much like the ups and downs of a roller coaster ride.

before and after

First Year Changes!

The only thing we have 100% control over is ourselves. External influencers cannot and should not be controlled by individuals. Our own personal health, both physical and mental, need to be. Who are we if we do not have control over who we are and how we live our lives? That is when it became all too clear, the only reason I was fat, the only reason 325+ pounds was even possible is because I allowed it to happen.

When that changed, changes began occurring in my behaviours and approaches towards food, activity and working out. There is no sugar coating it here, those first few months were hard. Incredibly hard. Cravings were hard to control, I hated working out plus every time I felt

Homemade Salsa

Homemade is Best

I needed a day off my roomie would ride my ass to get to the gym. Sometimes you need a little push.

Help and support have been key. From helping by sharing healthy meals to holding you accountable for your bad days as well as your triumphs. Each person you bring along helps bring you up and creates a better environment to get the job done. The appreciation felt for those who support me is simply immeasurable.

What’s Up With Lose Weight Be Fit?

Over the course of the last year hardships and triumphs have been documented. The process of learning how to be a healthier self both inside and out has video, photos, including before and after shots and measurements. Everything needed to show you that losing weight and staying fit naturally will be revealed.


Before – 10 Months

As we move into year two, this information will be provided free of charge here on the Lose Weight Be Fit website. I will continue to document my weight loss and fitness progress as well as provide anyone who wants it, support and encouragement. Shared will be the moments I am at my most vulnerable, workouts I have researched to suit with my lifestyle as well as recipes homemade by Sam!

There is no fat shaming here, no judgement, just the premise that losing weight and being fit is attainable eating fresh locally grown produce and real non processed food. Personally, i am hoping you will see that while the losing weight part can be hard work (certainly harder then gaining the weight) being healthy and fit is easy once you have the fundamentals down.

Sam, #loseweightbefit

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