Breakfast – The Most Important Meal

Getting a complete and balanced breakfast is a priority goal I have set for this month. Consistently failing at breakfast, and though it sounds cliche, it is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the fuel that wakes the engine up and gets it moving. 
Not being a big morning eater, I can putter away at so many other things before it dawns on me to grab that all important first bite. Seeing how much I enjoy food, you would think after such a long time without sustenance it would be the first thing on my agenda. Sadly, not so. Like so many others, getting food within 2 hrs of waking is not easy.
Why breakfast is so important. Essentially you have just gone the longest period your body goes without fuel. During this time your body has been processing all the food you consumed the day before. When you awake your body needs the fuel to metabolize glucose, or blood sugar, all day. Prolonged fasting, leads to a greater boost in hunger hormones.
With and Without Breakfast

With and Without Breakfast

What are some of the components of a healthy breakfast?

To live a lean and healthy lifestyle, I have found that beginning my day with a shot of Apple Cidar vinegar and a Green Smoothie, is a great kick starter. I posted my green smoothie recipe earlier. It’s really delicious and boasts lots of real food nutrients.

Follow that up with a bowl of granola and fruit or (while I am still eating them) eggs plus veggies like my eggs over spinach with black beans. Great flavour profiles can be created by adding homemade salsas and seasonings. When you make them yourself you know exactly what is going into your foods.

Morning Greens

Morning Greens

Read’s great breakfast foods for weightloss article. Packed with real foods like blueberries, oats and bananas you can easily modify a number of these with paleo, vegan or gluten free options. Remember the key is to find the real food options that best suit your lifestyle.

That’s it for breakfast. Wake up start your day with a healthy one. Best of luck on your path to Lose Weight and Be Fit!


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