Staying Healthy on Vacation

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Who doesn’t love to escape the day to day of regular life for a vacation. Perhaps you choose a romp across the pond to the UK or EU, maybe you like to ski or (my personal favorite) a tropical paradise where the beaches are an amazing mix of bright beautiful blues, white sand and snorkelling a reef that is alive with sea life. But how do you stay healthy on vacation?

There is a very real struggle that exists when traveling and continuing to practice a lean healthy lifestyle. There is the ever present urge to indulge in the delicious flavours of your destination, as well as relax a little too much and neglect your fitness goals. How do you curb the urge to over indulge?

Below are 5 of the best ways to continue to live a healthy lean lifestyle while traveling.

1. Stay Places You Can Cook Yourself
In todays global community there are more options to stay in places that allow you to plan and cook meals that fit your lifestyle. Using websites like AirBnB is perfect for finding a place reasonably priced in the location of your choosing. Once you have a place you can cook at source some local markets to plan away from home meals.

2. Pack Your Own Staples

Nuts, Granola, Oatmeal, Coconut Sugar, Protien Powder or Power Bars can all be brought with you in the suitcase. Packing these with you allows for better planning of snacks and nutrients to help you stay healthy and strong. Many of these work in most types of accomod
ation options. There are also MacGyver styled “hacks” you can use. The coffemaker can be used for more then coffee, it is a source for hot water. Use the bar fridge store . You don’t need that stuff anyways. If you have a shaker cup and use protien powder to make a meal replacement.
Protien powder is a great choice for anyone particularly vegetarians and vegans concerned about food options available. There are various types fo Vegan Non GMO Protien powders available. You probably already have a favorite. Include in your pack a Magic Bullet or a shaker cup for the best travel shakes. This way you can mix fruits and vegetables into your shake for added nutrients. It is easy to enough produce in most places to accomplish a shake or three.

3. Plan to Workout
Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine working out while on vacation. The truth is there are many ways to fit in a little activity without it feeling like a workout.
First plan to walk a lot. Bring comfortable I can go anywhere shoes and accept that your feet were made to move. Then add in things like sprinting up stairs, walking the long way to a restaurant, or even checking out the hotel fitness center. As a last resort there are plenty of body weight exercises you can also utilize.

4. Try Not to Over Indulge
Often when visiting new locations you can become overwhelmed by all the tasty restaurants and foods available. The temptation to over indulge is very real. The key is not to give in to every temptation. Plan your meals, know ahead of time which meals you will have as exceptions and hold yourself to these. Again, researching ahead of time, knowing things about the local cuisine you can plan when and where you will indulge.

5. Remain Mindful and Hydrated
Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle. By now you know this. While traveling, it is imperative to remain hydrated. Consider that the human body is 60-75% water, keeping it replenished while you are laying on a beach or site seeing helps with digestion and process of releasing toxins.

Carry a a refillable water bottle with you at all times. There are plenty of good ones available. Be mindful of your consumption and ensure you always have enough. Water goes a long way to helping keep your body running well.

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