Food Intake is Crucial!

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80% Food Intake!

When it comes to weightloss everything begins and ends with the food you intake. Before you can begin the process you must take stcok of what you are currently consuning on a daily and weekly basis. Review the quality of food. Is it fresh organic locally grown? Then the quantity you consume. Are you over eating in the carb department? Do you have enough protien? Finally, the frequency at which you are putting the fuel in your body. Realistically, the body needs more fuel every 2-3 hours.

Beginning my journey, I knew my food intake was completely awful. Likely a 2 or 3 with 1 being fast food every day every meal and 10 being raw vegan. There was a few months where I took a real hard look at what I was consuming. I needed to begin to “trim the fat” so to speak. My diet was loaded with “comfort foods” like chips & dip, french fries, all kinds of carbs, completely empty carbs. I had become a living depicition of a heart attack, stroke or cancer waiting to happen. My blood pressure rang in once at 235/116. So I began looking at what I ate and changing it.

Foods I No Longer Eat

  • Peanut butter from a jar – only organic non GMO
  • condiments – unless I make myself
  • Beef – The goal is 100% Plant based or Flexitarian
  • Sugars – not in foods not in cooking NO
  • Processed wheats or gluten – just makes me bloated
  • Chips / Dips – comfort foods gone (they were hardly comfort)
  • Non Organic / GMO foods – seems obvious right?
  • Milk and diary products – cheese is good but not good for me

Temptation is everywhere. I am human, there was a slow start in July. The very first weekend I indulged in some junk foods. However, I limited it, thought carefully about what the benefits were to eating that type of food (the answer is NONE). Then I choose not to eat like that any longer. The most satisfying part of the process of eliminating these foods was knowing I made the choice. What I consumed was within my power to say YES or NO.

After the first month I had started to see changes. I was eating healthier then I ever had before. Making choices for myself. During the month of July I ate a great deal of lean chicken and meat protien. Ideally I see myself as a fexitarian or predominently (80/20) plant based. I am not overly big on meats as main protien servings. Though I enjoy a good BBQ.

Flexatarian Diet
This is a diet which is also known as a semi vegetarian. I find this works for me because there are many elements of the Paleo based diet structures I have adopted.

Not every type of lifestyle diet is best for everyone. We all eat and taste our food differently. Finding modifications that suit what is authentic to you is most important. Just know that what you choose to consume will represent how you look and feel.

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