Who the Eff is Sam Anyways?

Sam Martin, digital marketer, on the other side of 40, ready to be fit by 50.

After years of living a life of excess, too many beers, too many bad calories, and too bad choices, I knew I needed to change, or life would catch up to me. The signs were all around.

There are a million reasons, excuses, life changes to derail anyone from a healthy lifestyle. I managed to find every single excuse right up to 325lbs. With that came an abundance of guilt and self loathing and as one would expect, health issues. An erratic roller coaster ride that is about to stop.

Gaining the weight is the easy part. There are so many temptation around every corner. I made every single one of them, recklessly turning my once athletic body into a huge mess of fat and illness. I suffered from aches and pains, acid reflux, high blood pressure and who knows what else. I hated going to the doctor’s because I knew each time I would have to hear the same thing, “lose weight or it will cause more problems as you get older”. Well I am now older and YES, the weight I carry is causing a great deal of problems.

The most important thing, it prevented me from loving myself. The most important thing we have as humans is the love we carry for ourselves, that projects outwards and draws others to love you as well. We could all use an abundance of love.

The months leading up to my decision to take real, hard hitting action were not easy. I was miserable at work (A place I once loved going to), my personal life was non existant (I refused to go out) and the only comfort I found was in the empy packages of my favorite “comfort” foods. Funny how they call the foods that kill you comfort!

Junk Food

The poison I consumed!

Truly, I was not finding comfort, I was feeding my own despair. Therapy taught me that. Therapy was the key to getting me to the point where it was necessary to make real changes or the only thing in my future worth looking forward to was death.

On July 1 2015, I made a personal commitment to take back my life and own what I was putting into my body, how I was treating myself and finally where I wanted to be. I turned to a book I had been reading “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.
The first 3 habits speak on Independence. Which was exactly what was needed, independence from my bad lifestyle choices.

Habit #1 – Be Proactive.
I made the choice to change, beginning with recognizing that I was my own worst enemy

Habit #2 – Begin with the end in mind!
There is an end goal. The only way to achieve that goal is to begin knowing where the end is. A weight goal, a fitness goal!

Habit #3 – Put first things first.
Putting myself first, putting my health first. That is what is important.

This is who Sam is. The person who is going to take control of their health and lose 115lbs!  (FYI – learn how I have already dropped 25 in coming posts)



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